Travel Safety Tips During COVID

It’s no secret that COVID has had a dramatic effect on so many aspects of life as we know it, and travel is no exception. Road trips are becoming more popular, and travelers are also returning to the skies with the reassurance from airlines about cleanliness and new air filtration systems.

Regardless of where you go — and how you get there — Christopher Landis Photography wants to offer up some basic precautions that are widely known to help protect the health and welfare of your family, and to get the most out of your trip!

  1. Wear a facemask: The Centers for Disease Control recommend you wear facemasks in all public settings, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Masks pay a key role in helping prevent the spread of COVID.

  2. Pack hand sanitizer: Washing your hands is just as important as wearing a facial covering. Double check hotel policies before booking.

  3. Know before you go: Before you book your vacation, look into the new policies your airline and/or hotel have in place due to the coronavirus.

  4. Keep away from crowds: Experts urge travelers to avoid crowded areas like hotel lobbies and avoid touching common surfaces like doorknobs.

  5. Do spot checks: Look to see whether the hotel cleaning staff is performing its duties throughout the day.

  6. Travel to wide-open spaces: Opt for places where being socially distant comes easily, such as national parks, adventure vacations, or beaches.

  7. Bring your own stuff: If you are nervous about cleanliness, don’t be afraid to bring your own pillow, sheets, etc. if that’s going to make you feel better.

Christopher Landis Photography showcases travel destinations across the U.S. His fine art landscape portfolios to make powerful statements about the way we live — and how we live. His decades of photo works will soon be published in print and on the web. For more information, contact him today.

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